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Dynamite Baits Robin Red Pop Ups – 15mm

Code: 11423

Super buoyant and resilient hook baits. Approx 100g tub.



Super buoyant and resilient hook baits. Approx 100g tub.

Ingredients – Highly Digestible Fishmeal Basemix, Haiths Robin Red, Paprika oil and Garlic Powder.

You will see a degree of colour change in all the Robin Red® products so this product complies UK Food Standards Agency EU Register of Feed Additives. The change to the natural colouration combined with the same potent natural ingredients makes Robin Red® one of the best fish attractors in the market.

“UK Government’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirms that recreational fishing bait products such as boilies, loose feeds, pellets and groundbaits are classified as ‘Animal Feed’ within the UK and European Union.”
As a result, these bait products within the UK and EU can only contain ingredients listed in the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials or EU Register of Feed Additives and all bags must be labelled with the necessary product information and registration information (Dynamite – GB/258/R1244). Complying with these regulations is not optional; it is a legal requirement of all bait producers/suppliers whether selling in the UK, EU.

Using natural baits and colours can only benefit the environment and our sport.

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