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night time fishing

Night-time Angling

The serene beauty of the UK’s waterways under a moonlit sky offers an altogether different allure for anglers than the familiar daytime excursions. Night fishing, a less practised but deeply satisfying pastime, adds an element of mystery and excitement to the traditional fishing experience.

Advantages of Fishing at Night

Night fishing holds an undeniable allure due to its reduced competition factor. As the world slumbers, the tranquil waters become your exclusive domain, granting a serene and undisturbed angling experience. Furthermore, the night exposes a hidden world of aquatic life, with elusive species emerging from their daytime hiding places. Notably, catfish and eels, known as nocturnal feeders, become more active, significantly elevating your chances of a successful catch.

The ambiance of night fishing in the UK is nothing short of magical. The moon’s radiant reflection on the water’s surface, the subtle rustling of leaves in the breeze, and the gentle lapping of waves together create an enchanting and almost mystical environment. Engaging not only your sense of sight and touch but also immersing you in the symphony of night sounds, this sensory experience makes night fishing truly captivating.

Essential Tips for Night Fishing in the UK

Safety First: Safety is paramount when night fishing. Always let someone know where you’ll be fishing and when you expect to return. Wear a lifejacket if you’re fishing from a boat, and consider using a headlamp with a red filter to preserve your night vision while keeping your hands free. When wading, be especially cautious to avoid unseen hazards.

Scout in Daylight: Familiarising yourself with the fishing location during the day is a wise practice. This allows you to identify potential fishing hotspots, such as underwater structures, and note any hazards that might be hidden in the darkness.

Use Luminous Tackle: Luminous or glow-in-the-dark fishing tackle can be a game-changer at night. It not only attracts fish but also helps you keep track of your line and bait. Luminous floats, beads, and lures can be particularly effective in low light conditions.

Listen Carefully: Night fishing relies on your sense of hearing as much as your other senses. Listen for subtle fish activity, such as splashes, jumps, or the sound of fish feeding near the surface. These auditory cues can lead you to where the action is happening.

Be Prepared for Temperature Drops: Even in the summer months, UK nights can get chilly. Dress in layers to stay warm and bring along hot beverages to keep yourself comfortable during extended night fishing sessions. If needed, consider a portable heater to stave off the cold.

Popular Night Fish in the UK

Carp: Carp are often more active during the night, especially in waters that receive a lot of daytime angling pressure. They tend to feed more confidently under the cover of darkness, making night fishing a prime time to target them.

Sea Bass: Along the UK coastline, sea bass come closer to the shore during moonlit nights to feed on smaller fish and crustaceans. This creates an excellent opportunity for anglers to catch this prized species during the night.

Eels: Eels are predominantly nocturnal creatures. They are known to be more responsive to bait after sunset, making them a prime target for night anglers.

Catfish: In some of the UK’s larger lakes and rivers, catfish are known to be opportunistic feeders that become more active and aggressive under the cover of darkness. This makes them a thrilling species to pursue at night.

Legal Aspects

Rod Licences: To ensure you’re fishing within the law in England and Wales, it’s essential to have a rod licence if you’re aged 13 or over and fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt, or eel. These licences can be obtained from the Environment Agency.

Night Fishing Permissions: Before heading out for a night fishing session, be sure to check the regulations of the specific fisheries or waters you plan to visit. Some places may have restrictions or require additional permits for night fishing.

Seasonal Restrictions: Different fish species have various open seasons to protect their breeding periods. Ensure that you’re fishing within the allowed period for your chosen species to comply with conservation efforts and fishing laws.

Night fishing in the UK offers a unique blend of tranquillity and excitement. Whether you’re casting your line into a calm lake under a canopy of stars or listening to the waves crash on a moonlit beach, the experience is unlike any other. As with all types of fishing, patience and preparation are key.