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Exploring the Best Fishing Spots in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire, a county embraced by scenic beauty, beckons anglers to uncover its hidden fishing treasures. From serene lakes to winding rivers, Northamptonshire’s diverse angling opportunities cater to both seasoned anglers and newcomers.

1. Pitsford Reservoir

Pitsford Reservoir, known for its tranquillity, is a haven for trout fishing. Its waters are also home to perch, pike, and zander.

Pro Tip: Observe fish behaviour and choose your tactics accordingly. Vary your lure presentation and retrieve speeds when targeting different species.

2. River Nene

The River Nene, meandering through Northamptonshire, offers a picturesque setting for angling. Species like chub, barbel, roach, and perch inhabit its waters.

Pro Tip: Utilise natural baits and finesse techniques for species like chub and barbel. Experiment with artificial lures for roach and perch.

3. Elinor Trout Fishery

Elinor Trout Fishery, a stillwater oasis, beckons trout fishing enthusiasts. Its well-stocked waters are also home to rainbows, browns, and blues.

Pro Tip: Study water conditions and opt for suitable flies and lures. Experiment with different retrieval speeds to trigger strikes from various trout species.

4. Ravensthorpe Reservoir

Ravensthorpe Reservoir stands as a trout haven, enchanting anglers with its scenic beauty. Rainbows and browns abound in its pristine waters.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to insect hatches and match your fly patterns accordingly. Consider varying your presentation to imitate different stages of insect life.

5. Naseby Reservoir

Naseby Reservoir is a paradise for coarse anglers, offering bream, roach, tench, and carp fishing opportunities.

Pro Tip: Employ a variety of bait options to attract diverse species. Adjust your tactics based on prevailing weather conditions and fish preferences.