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CC Moore Liquid Food Compound 500ml

Code: 16174

Designed for use in practically any type of carp bait or as an excellent bait dip. 500ml bottle.


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Designed for use in practically any type of carp bait or as an excellent bait dip. 500ml bottle.

This exclusive, highly attractive, salty shellfish liquid contains pure Malaysian Belachan (Fermented Shrimp), the potent natural bait ingredient which was secretly used by so many top carp anglers over the years. This thick pungent compound is a superb year-round bait additive for boosting boilies, loose feeds and particles and is also 100% PVA friendly.

With New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Compound being one of the most effective carp and coarse fish attractants known to man, after several years of work and research, CC Moore have been able to harness the goodness of GLM and produce it in a concentrated and highly effective liquid form that produces outstanding results.
The moment you open a bottle you receive an incredible flood of mussel-rich aromas that leave you in no doubt as to its fish-catching potential; it absolutely screams fish!
With its key features being its amazing natural taste and aroma derived from pure Green Lipped Mussel, this liquid has been further enhanced with the addition of natural sugars and fish protein to make it an irresistible year round liquid bait additive.

Liquid Bloodworm
This exclusive, deep red liquid compound is an outstanding bloodworm-rich liquid bait additive. Developed and perfected over many years by bait technicians at CCM HQ, it contains highly soluble fish proteins and is packed with pure bloodworm, the natural ‘food’ item fish find truly irresistible. This superb, clouding bloodworm liquid will boost the attraction of boilies, hookbaits and loose feeds and is also PVA friendly.

Liquid Liver
Liquid Liver Compound is an extremely attractive liquid food which contains pure natural liver extract derived from high quality poultry meat. It boasts a rich nutrient profile with a deep yet smooth ‘pet-food gravy’ taste and aroma that significantly increases the attraction of baits to which it is applied – either as an ingredient or soak.
This highly soluble liquid bait additive is also widely used by global pet and aquaculture food manufacturers to increase the palatability and intake potential of their foods and supplements – an endorsement that proves it to be an ideal appetite stimulant for your bait.
It is a highly soluble, amino acid rich, PVA friendly liquid food which is very effective as a boilie and hookbait coating or a natural ‘attraction booster’ for PVA bag and stick mixes. Liquid Liver Compound also adds a subtle yeasty-meat profile to baits and is widely used for adding a soluble natural attractor cloud to spod and particle mixes.

Liquid Squid
Liquid Squid Compound is a unique, squid meat and fish protein rich liquid made by the experienced bait technicians at CC Moore HQ. This concentrated, PVA friendly liquid is packed with succulent pieces of squid meat which have been fine blended so carry feed inducing nutrients and stimulants through the water column creating a salty, fishy cloud of attraction that can trigger a strong feeding response from nearby fish.

Roasted Nut
Roasted Nut Compound is a unique product which is exclusively produced for CC Moore & Co Ltd.
This smooth-tasting natural nut extract is an extremely effective liquid additive that is designed to be applied to baits of numerous different forms in order to enhance their year round attraction properties. With its deep, roasted nut aroma and creamy-sweet nut taste, Roasted Nut Compound also has a valuable nutrient profile that delivers natural sugars, starch, oils and proteins to stimulate fish to feed in search of their varying essential nutrient requirements at different stages of their yearly cycle.
Roasted Nut Compound is a thick paste-type liquid which is ideal for inclusion in boilie mixes where a subtle, natural nut profile is required. It is particularly outstanding for use within milk, bird food and, of course, nut mixes and will add an appetising taste that creates a unique and powerful ‘natural label’ in your bait. This ‘label’ has proven to be a vital point of recognition for fish and encourages them to feed on your bait time and time again – even in cool water when the oils it delivers act as a concentrated and valuable energy source.

Whole Krill
Whole Krill Compound contains a combination of three highly effective, natural fish-attracting ingredients making it the ultimate Krill-based liquid food. With its key components derived from the nutrient-rich Antarctic Krill species, Krill Superba, this salty, PVA friendly liquid food contains Krill Oil, Krill Hydrolysate and most importantly Whole Fresh Krill. These independently proven ingredients combine to form an irresistibly attractive natural liquid food that induces fish to feed through chemoreception (stimulation by taste, aroma, density, texture, nutrients etc).
Krill Hydrolysate adds a deep, natural meaty/crustacean aroma and taste along with high quality digestible protein which supplies essential amino acids. This is then complimented by energy rich Krill Oil which delivers nutritionally beneficial essential fatty acids and disperses up through the water column pulling fish down onto your baited area. Finally its unique Whole Fresh Krill content means Whole Krill Compound also presents fish with a visually attractive, complete food source that helps promote confident feeding on baits to which it is applied.



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