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Free Shipping Over £100

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It has not been something that we have previously promoted, but we have been accepting customers used fishing tackle in part exchange since we were first established in 1983, so we are no strangers to this way of trading.

Private Selling

It is well known that if you have the time and knowledge to sell your tackle privately you will generally achieve a higher price, but this comes with inconveniences, being without an item of tackle for a time, time wasters, exposure to fraud and over inquisitive visitors.

Our Valuations

We have very experienced team members that will value your fishing tackle taking in consideration recent market trends and use the most up to date information to arrive at the best price possible.

Do we buy for cash?

We only accept second hand equipment in part exchange, we do not buy for cash.

How to Part Exchange

IN SHOP: Staff are usually available for a valuation, but it is wise to contact the shop when you are intending to call in, a price will be given there and then.

BY PHONE OR EMAIL: An estimate can be given and if the description you have given is correct the estimate will usually be honoured.

Please keep in mind that some items of tackle may not be of interest to us.

NOTE: ID will be required and your contact details recorded.

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