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Total Carp Magazine Review TB CF-X Rods

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The Tackle Box CF-X Rod Range


Nowadays you can get a lot of rod for your money and the CF-X rods from The Tackle Box are a prime example. For the modest price tag you get a range of rods that perform brilliantly and look the part. Available in 2.75lb, 3.25lb and the 3.5lb Stepped Up (SU) version, there is a test curve for every situation, not to mention the spod and marker rods that also carry the CF-X name.

The Tackle Box offers an awesome custom-build service with the rods, which allows you to add your own little touches. From as little as an extra £27 you can customise your CF-X rods. Options such as full-cork or full-shrink handles are available, with rod ringing arrangements and sizes. All models are well spec’d featuring a high-modulus carbon blank made from a CF-X weave that is unique to The Tackle Box.

A neat, low-profile, ergonomic reel seat complements the blank, which is adorned with attractive green whippings above and below the reel seat. The entire CF-X range carries the air of a bespoke, custom-built rod without the heavy price tag.

The CF-X SU is designed for use at long to extreme range and to accommodate heavy shockleaders and reduce friction on the cast, a 50mm butt ring is fitted. The action differs from the other models in the range in that the tip recovery is faster due to it being stiffer, helping achieve improved accuracy at long range.

The 3.25lb and 2.75lb test curves feature a more all-round, progressive action, comfortably casting PVA bags and Method feeders when extreme distances are not required. The through action is perfect for close-quarter battles and fishing in heavy weed. A standard 40mm butt ring features on these models.

The Tackle Box also offers a range of ‘utility’ rods. The CF-X spod rod is identical in design to the standard carp rods, with a few important tweaks to ensure top casting performance at long range. It performed excellently in our Buyer’s Guide in the August 2012 issue, receiving punishment at long range, with attention also being paid to the short-range spodding work, where it excelled. Like the SU, the spod and marker are fitted with 50mm guides.

The recent trend of using a light spod rod as a marker rod has prompted the production of the CF-X marker rod. It is easily at home casting 4oz and 5oz leads, which improves the feel transmitted through the rod when using a marker float and braided main line. The rod also lends itself to light spod work at medium range, making it the perfect multi-purpose tool. So there you have it, a custom-made feel without the heavy price tag – and they perform great too!

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