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Type Of Reels

Big Free Spools

Although reels in this category are usually used on the main fishing rods, they can be used for spod and marker work, particularly the latter, as the free spool feature makes is easier for the line to be pulled off when determining the depth of water.

Big Pits

The big pit revolution started with this style of reel which is suitable not only for fishing, but for spodding and marker use. Big pit reels are normally not very expensive but extremely hardwearing and durable; well able to withstand the rigours of continuous spodding.

Standard Free Spools

The standard free spool style of fishing reel started a major revolution in the 1980s. The option to disengage the spool after casting seemed purpose-made for bottom fishing and is now regarded as standard kit for carp fishing in particular.

Barbel & Specimen

Smaller versions of standard size carp reels for use with lower breaking strain lines as used by specialist anglers. The free spool facility is a valuable feature for this style of fishing.


These reels are designed specifically for predator fishing techniques.


Reels with features that are considered to benefit a spod or marker reel. Features such as fast retrieve, multiple line clips, reverse tapered spools for better braid management etc.

Match & Feeder

Designed for use with lower diameter lines, they also have a lower weight and size to maintain a good balance.

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