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Exploring the Best Fishing Spots in Devon

Devon’s fishing landscape is a masterpiece of natural beauty and aquatic abundance, drawing anglers from far and wide to experience its unparalleled fishing opportunities. From the tranquil shores of serene lakes to the spirited currents of majestic rivers, Devon’s fishing scene offers a myriad of experience to both novices and the ambitions of seasoned anglers.

1. River Tamar

The River Tamar stands as a testament to Devon’s fishing heritage, offering an array of prized catches. Its expanse of cerulean waters envelops a myriad of aquatic species, from salmon and sea trout to coarse fish like perch and chub. Nestled within an awe-inspiring landscape, the River Tamar weaves a tapestry of angling potential.

Pro Tip: Tailor your approach based on the season. Spring and autumn are prime times for salmon and sea trout, while summer caters to coarse fishing enthusiasts.

2. Wimbleball Lake

Wimbleball Lake emerges as a serene haven for stillwater enthusiasts, encompassing 530 acres of sparkling water. It’s a haven for rainbow and brown trout, making it an ideal spot for fly fishing aficionados seeking to master their craft.

Pro Tip: Select your flies carefully, mirroring local insect hatches for optimal success. A delicate presentation is crucial when targeting skittish trout.

3. Dartmoor Streams

Dartmoor’s meandering streams are veiled treasures, offering an intimate connection with nature and the art of wild trout fishing. These streams demand stealth and finesse, requiring anglers to conquer challenging conditions.

Pro Tip: Employ lightweight gear, stealthy approaches, and delicate casting to deceive wild trout in the clear waters of Dartmoor streams.

4. Exe Valley Fishery

Exe Valley Fishery showcases Devon’s prowess in stillwater fishing. A complex of well-stocked lakes caters to all angling preferences, hosting species like carp, roach, and tench. The picturesque surroundings elevate the fishing experience to a whole new level.

Pro Tip: Opt for a versatile approach, experimenting with various bait options and techniques to uncover the preferences of different fish species.

5. River Teign

The River Teign carves its way through Dartmoor, inviting anglers to explore its diverse fishing potential. Renowned for brown trout and sea trout, the River Teign is a playground for those seeking both challenge and reward.

Pro Tip: Be prepared to adapt to the varying conditions of the River Teign. Employ nymphing techniques for trout during the day, and transition to sea trout tactics at dusk.